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Who is Dan Kimmel?

Dan Kimmel is a Michigan angler, past bass tournament angler, conservation activist, outdoors writer and photographer who now designs and builds websites through AnglerHosting.com. From his home in Lansing, he runs GreatLakesBass.com, GreatLakesIceFishing.com and other outdoors websites.

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Dan Kimmel 810-433-BASS (2277) PO Box 27424, Lansing, MI 48909 Use the contact form to the right or below to send a message.

Thoughts on Fishing

I've loved fishing as far back as I can remember with maybe a trip when I was 4 years old being the earliest I have a real memory of. I've pretty much always been somewhat competitive too starting at an early age, remembering my first trip in a boat when I caught 18 and my dad caught 14. How proud I was. Then my first 'contest' when I was about 8. I fished as hard as an 8 year old can winning a dollar for the most fish and a dollar for the biggest fish of the day. I lost my 'big winnings' through a hole in my pocket only to miraculously find the $2 in my rolled up pants leg later! I've got the bug... No doubt about it!

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Check Out These Websites

Bass Fishing: GreatLakesBass.com
Ice Fishing: GreatLakesIceFishing.com
All Great Lakes Outdoors: GreatLakesWorld.com (coming soon)
Need a Website? AnglerHosting.com

Eventually all my websites will be listed on: GreatLakesOne.com, probably late this year. Also watch for shortened links from the family of websites using gl1.co. Those are safe, my websites only, private shortened links!

What is a Conservation Activist?

An example of why Dan Kimmel uses this title - he has worked for over 30 years to bring Michigan into the modern age of bass biology by working with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and other interested parties to give Michigan a year-round bass season, ridding us of the rare closed bass season!

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    About Dan Kimmel

    Even More About Dan

    Dan Kimmel on GreatLakesBass.com

    If you're the curious type, there's more information about Dan Kimmel from his bass fishing, tournament fishing and various conservation and promotional activities past on GreatLakesBass.com/djkimmel. You'll find my old fishing resume - maybe it will help you with some ideas to write your new resume? - my history of some activities and awards, and my tournament fishing history along with a link to my Confidence Products.

    Dan Kimmel Fishing

    What is AnglerHosting.com?

    Dan Kimmel can host your PHP, MySQL website(s), find your right domain name, and even design and build you a new website in WordPress or another format through his company AnglerHosting.com. Why AnglerHosting.com? Because it was available and Dan likes to fish when he's not working on websites!

    Some Bass Fishing too

    Join GLBass

    If you like bass fishing, why not join my website - GreatLakesBass.com?

    And some of his other websites, and things he likes!

    Dan's Confidence Products
    Though I no longer fish bass tournaments so I don't actively seek sponsors, I have in the past and there are products I stick by long term because they just plain WORK! I call these companies My Confidence Products. These are excellent, quality companies like Ranger Boats, Yamaha Motors, Xtreme Bass Tackle, Deka Batteries, D&R Sports Center and Flint Sign & Design to name some favorites. These are not the only company's whose products I use but some of my all-time favorites!

    Dan's Confidence Products

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